Sunday 23 March 2008

cupcakes and all that food....

I've always been a bit of a baker - I would much prefer to bake a cake than cook a stir fry (and then of course there's the eating of said cake as opposed to eating all those soggy veg, cause I'm so bad at stir fries ~lol~), but I've been noticing on my travels through the blogosphere (thanks blogger for such a cool word!) and jumping through peas links that cupcakes are big. Well,, really, they are ginormous! Cupcakes seem to be the way to go, rather than a whole big cake, and I think I understand why!

It has been a long time since I have made cupcakes - apart from the obligatory ones that must travel to school with the kids in celebration of birthdays - but they always get eaten, don't they? I still have half of Natalie's birthday cake in the fridge downstairs, but if I had made cupcakes, they would have all been consumed, cause it's so much easier to say to the kids "have one", than go to the effort of taking a knife downstairs along with the babe, cut the cake while supervising the kids and bub, heading upstairs again, ensuring that said bub doesn't try to put the knife in her mouth, and all the other sagas that go along with moving between kitchen, fridge, baby, cake, etc, etc. It would also be easier for me to decide that I want to nibble on a cupcake, rather than make the same mess in the kitchen (plate, knife, baby, etc) I think I'm talking myself into making cupcakes tomorrow!!

Anyway, aside from my mad rambling (DH said "you're just showing off your typing skills..."), I wanted to share some cupcake blogs that I've found - I'm going to link them permanently, cause I can have fun with them, and get heaps of information and recipes from them!

cupcakes take the cake

cupcake bake shop

all things cupcake

and some cookies for fun

cookie madness


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