Tuesday 25 March 2008

Easter at our house....

We give the kids a new pair of pyjamas for Easter, and a smallish number of eggs... of course, Mr E Bunny tends to leave a mess all up the hall, and the crawling one found them and shoved them in her mouth - paper and all, like Belinda's Mackenzie! We were able to get it out of her mouth, but not without a lot of fuss... then we made the worst decision - we peeled the paper off it, and gave it to her! A bad decision, cause a few hours later, she hurled it, and everything else she had eaten, all down dad's back and the floor. Ooops! But, that was the only misadventure for the day... everyone else was quite sedate with the chocolate, quite happy for mum to eke it out at reasonable intervals - I don't think they've figured out the best bit yet, the chocolate lasts longer!!

Mum's egg!

Cadbury is best!

(Chloe was with her dad this weekend, so we haven't played with the bunny ears for her yet)

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  1. haha, how funny!
    I'm glad my child isn't the only one...lol.
    Love the snaps of the weekend.


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