Wednesday 26 March 2008

kit clubs....

Do you buy kits? Do you actually use them, or do they gather dust in the back of the cupboard on a monthly basis?

I have bought monthly kits from scraptherapy and lsbs, which are usually cardstock, paper, and a couple of embellies or ribbon for a monthly challenge at each forum. When I buy them, I usually complete something, although I have a couple from lsbs that are sitting untoughed atm.

I've bought kits from keep'n the memories, which were bigger, more likely project kits, including instructions to complete the kits. These are still stashed in the bottom of the cupboard, cause I wasn't feeling confident enough to do them.

Anyway, over at 2peas, there is always a thread about good kit clubs - they seem to be huge over there! I can understand that - it seems that the LSS is disappearing and "box" shops are taking over, and the vast distance across the country would make it hard for lots of people to actually get into a shop! Kind of like what can happen here in Australia, but on a much larger scale!

Anyway, I checked out one of the clubs that constantly gets recommended by fellow peas - A Million Memories - and the kits looked awesome, so I contacted them about postage to Australia. The price was reasonable (with the Australian dollar so good, I bought three kits and postage for $121 US, which translated to $A132!) - and the kits had thickers in them, so I figured I couldn't go wrong! (my stash is now close to thirty packets)

They arrived today!! I think that makes it less than 1 week to get here (allowing for the Easter break), and now I have some yummy goodies to play with in my new scrap space! Cause I am going to create something this week, even if it kills me! I have to - I'm late with my cards for a swap at SM, and tonight is blind scrapping at scraptherapy! We'll see what transpires as the day progresses!

I'm off to play with my new stash, and see if I can convince my oh-so-bubbly-and-happy 1yo to eat some food (can you hear my teeth grinding, and the sound of my hair being slowly pulled out at the roots? She's teething, and had her 1yo needles yesterday, so really isn't in the most pleasant of moods!!)

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Well, sounds like you've got lotas of scrappy goodness to play with! I get the kit from and it's fabulous! Have fun and enjoy!

  2. I have never bought a kit online! Enjoy your goodies! And I'm glad someone can benefit from our crappy economy!

  3. I just joined my first monthly kit a month ago and I¨m loving it I joined The Scraproom and is amazing, so enjoy yours and yes I also plan to make a ton of things!

  4. You know I have been shopping around a bit for a great kit club to join. Unfortunately the ones that I totally love are always sold out to begin with! lol. Oh well. I'm gonna keep looking.


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