Saturday 22 March 2008

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What are your plans for the Easter weekend?

Sorting out my scraproom!! We have a room just inside the front door that the previous owner used as an office. We converted the garage to be a "parents retreat" with computer, bookshelves, etc, so that's taken care of... so this room was just gathering unpacked boxes and general household junk, while my scr@p has been encroaching on the dining table (and freezer) for months... so we decided that I could have my own space! YAY!!

We painted the walls (purple, what else ~roflmao~) yesterday, and there was an old piece of bench laying around, so today we've been building a work bench for me. I'm a standing scrapper, so we had to custom build something just for me (I'm also short, so we had to factor that in, too ~lol~) - and then I struck on the bright idea of using the space under the bench for paper racks!! Another trip to bunnings for ply and a router to cut the slots, and then DH gets the fun job of cutting!!

Which brings me to a gripe - how hard is it for the guys at bunnings to cut to the length you ask for?! We wanted ply cut to 400mm (I think that's about 16 inches) but the lengths range from 393mm to 405mm - quite a significant difference IMO! But, we've grouped like with similar, so it all works in the end.

So tomorrow it's my turn to do some work - all the woodwork (we painted the entryway at the same time) needs to be painted (orange, of course) and it's a job that hubby hates to do! He gets to entertain Nat while I do it, then I can move all my scrap cr@p downstairs, and hopefully Monday I can actually do some scrappin!!

That's my plans for the rest of the weekend. How about you?


  1. Congrats on getting your own scrap room, that is awesome! I have a scrap corner that is currently too messy to scrap on. hahahaha. Have fun setting your new space up

  2. wow. I wish I had your ambition

  3. What wonderful colours you have selected to paint with :) My favourites!

    Can't wait to see the photos.

  4. Congrats on the room! Have a great holiday.


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