Friday 2 May 2008

a blanket makes all the difference....

You know how it makes all the difference when you actually go into the shop and get fitted properly for a new bra, rather than just buying one off the rack and hoping it will squeeze you together for a bit longer? Well, having a blanket that fits your bed makes all the difference, too!!

We're sleeping three in the bed - meaning Natalie sleeps with us - and we've had blanket issues for months... not a major problem in summer when I still like to cover up lightly, and hubby throws it off, but this week the nights (and some days), have turned icy cold, meaning that when hubby has the blanket, Nat and I freeze, and he freezes if we have the blanket!

So, enough was enough yesterday - we decided to invest in a king size doona - meaning a new doona cover as well!! Well, clever me picked the right day to shop for manchester - Kmart had a sale on! I picked up new pillows for everyone, new doona for us, new sheet and doona cover for us too, for less than $200!!

And sleeping was so snuggly warm! Nat quite often kicks the blankets off herself, but the doona is big enough that we can still be covered - and unknown to her, Nat is wrapped around, but not over! And everyone gets a good night's sleep!!

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