Tuesday 27 May 2008

I told you I would blog it!

So, yesterday, I had a Stampin' Up! workshop - Kim is my lady, great fun, love the cards, wish I had discovered stamps earlier (but I've GOT to start using the ones I have, before I buy more!)

Kim turns up, and the girls were late, so we chatted while waiting and she got herself organised. Then it's time to start - "let's do scratch and sniff" says Kim "bugger, I forgot my heat gun, have you got a toaster?" off I goes to get the toaster... Kim plugs it in, but it won't work! Uh oh, it's a bit dodgy first thing in the morning, so keep trying... it's a saftey side one, so maybe it needs a piece of bread to make it work? off I go to get a slice of bread... still no luck... how do we do this? Check the plug... the WRONG plug is in the hole! So, the toaster works, the room smells like breakfast - and how bored was someone to figure out that sugar free jelly crystals mixed with clear embossing powder makes scratch and sniff like the stickers we had as kids ~lol~ Of course, I've ordered some embossing powder, to have a go - I'll tell you if you get one from me!


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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I KNEW you'd blog it! LOL We got there in the end! LOL


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