Friday 9 May 2008

ooops, I've been slack....


It's been a busy week, leading into the insanity of this weekend! Chloe turns ten on Monday, so tomorrow, she's having her very first "at home" birthday party! (she's had parties before, but I've never hosted one at home!)

We've been planning games and decorations, waiting to hear who's coming, shopping and today I'm baking up a storm! Photos will follow over the weekend, but for starters, I'll tell you what games and food we're having!

What do ten year olds like to play? Bearing in mind that she invited boys and girls (but no boys are actually coming), we had to come up with ideas that they would still find fun... Now, originally, it was supposed to be a disco party, but six kids dancing in the rumpus room for three hours just wasn't going to cut it!We've ended up with four games, all approved by the birthday girl, that will take up heaps of time!

Our first game is "the chocolate game"... I had never heard of this, until I did a google search, and there it was! The kids roll a dice, and the first person to throw a six runs to the middle of the circle, puts on hat, scarf and gloves, opens a block of chocolate and eats it with a knife and fork until the next person to throw a six runs to the middle...

Then, we're playing "musical clothes"... kind of like pass the parcel, the kids stand in a circle and pass around a bag filled with clothes... when the music stops, they reach in and put on the first thing they pull out (would have been heaps of fun with boys present!)... not sure how I'll finish this one, probably let them go for about twenty minutes, then line up for photos!

Next, we're playing a couple of rounds of our own version of "celebrity head", using disney characters in one round, and maybe animals in another round (I'm still inventing!)

Finally, we're playing "deal or no deal"... for toys, not money! I've bought a pile of toys that I will wrap up in boxes and number tonight, and Chloe will be playing for one of the toys she asked for... if the kids guess what's in the box, they'll keep the toy, and the bank will probably use lollies and leftover toys to convince Chloe to take the deal... another one we designed ourselves, and hopefully heaps of fun for the kids!!

I decided to try and be a little "grown up" with the food - it's an afternoon/early evening party, so I figured I'd try and fill the kids up, too... potato chips, lollies and crackers through out the afternoon (I'm aiming for sitting down to eat around 5.30pm)... we're having home made sausage rolls, mini hamburgers and marinated chicken wings, fruit skewers and chocolate mud cake, and I'm feeling the need to maybe make some icecream balls.... oh, and maybe I'll make some potato wedges to go with all that good food (see, still thinking!)

AMM Book of Me update
We're up to day four, and while I've only done my cover, I've got ideas for the pages so far, and am hoping to get into it after breakfast on Sunday... my first page is going to be "six things I love to bake" - decided to stick with the obscurity of the teachers first (six languages I speak), and cause I don't speak six languages, I decided to go with this... The next page is six books I love. I'm not sure if I'm going to go with six classics, six random books, or six books on my shelves I love... and today[yesterday]'s prompt is music... six songs I love... I'm going to go with six songs off my playlist (which you'll notice I've removed until I can go get the code again so it doesn't auto play, cause that was a PITA to me!!)... the sneak peek for the next prompt is places I've lived... which kind of ties in with the "no place like home" class I took, so I've got heaps of ideas for that one!!

So, that about brings me up to date - I'm just filling in time, waiting for Nat to wake up, and the cake to finish baking, then it's off to the supermarket to get all the bits and pieces I need to make all that yumminess!!

Happy scrapping!


  1. Wow that party sounds good, cool games and the food sounds yummy! Can´t wait to see your book I´m sure is going to look awesome!!!

  2. I've been so busy lately that I forgot to sign up for the ME book at AMM! DARN!

    Hope you post pics when you have it done. :)

  3. Ohhh you have been busy !!!


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