Friday 30 May 2008

scrappy goodness sometimes comes in a box...

The girls at MAMBI do a "monday madness" thing where they choose one of their products and tell the world why they like them, and share some LOs, too... then they offer you the chance to win, just by leaving a comment... and a couple of weeks ago I actually won Stephanie's monday madness!!

Here is my box... the tape around the outside had me mentally drooling about how to use it... needless to say, the box has been added to my pile of "I've got to scrap that but I don't know how" stuff....

The prize was two kits - the black and white love kit in 12x12, and a choice of sporty 8x8... I've got a soccer-mad(ish) DD1 and DH, so opted for the soccer kit... I have yet to open the packets and actually drool on the papers (how hard is it to find some time to yourself when caring for TWO one year olds?!) [I'm managing now, cause they've just had lunch and are busy pulling books off the bookshelf.... together!]

I LOVE the look of the card... I've set it aside to go onto my inspiration board - which I don't have yet, haven't managed to get to IKEA for a while!

Our school fete is coming up soon, so I'm trying to do some baking to donate - only my oven isn't playing fair, and my ANZAC biscuits suck! I haven't cooked them since we moved here (ooops), so still haven't got a clue how the oven works... my first batch burnt, and the rest didn't rise then sink properly IYKWIM... I've got some cakes that worked out, so I don't feel too bad, and I donated heaps of other stuff, so no "parent guilt" here - seems they didn't want my time... put my name down three weeks ago (and hubby's), but no one has called us! Oh, well, we get to enjoy it instead (won't be as good as it could have been, rides have been washed out cause of the rain that dumped here last night!)

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  1. Very yummy goodies, have fun playing with all that!


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