Friday 20 June 2008

today I am grateful for.....

  1. international friends being okay
  2. inspiration that makes me think
  3. friends - real and cyber - there when I need you
  4. sunshine in brisbane
  5. healthy kids - even when they drive me nuts
  6. a computer and internet - it has expanded my world
  7. a husband who agrees that sometimes you just need to eat KFC
  8. m and m's
  9. the ability to create - hopefully, one day it will look like this
  10. finding a local "begin photoshop" class - starts next month!

Ooh, that was hard - I'm going to try to do that at least once a week... I have lots to be grateful for, but sometimes putting the words together is hard!


  1. Love your list! What a sweetie you are. I just had to follow your links and what did I find - my blog! ;)

    A big thankyou to you. You're too kind!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. what a fantastic list - makes me stop and think about what I am grateful for

  3. I am thankful for people like you who are sharing their gratitudes. Peace for everyone.




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