Sunday 22 June 2008

another first birthday.....

Today was Cody's birthday party - he turns one tomorrow - happy birthday Cody!!

The theme was dinosaurs, and it was dress-ups for all the kids... I decided to hire costumes, due to time constraints, and inability to think outside the square and make something ~lol~

Chloe decided on Cruella DeVille

Douglas is a dalmation

{Sorry for the blurry photo, it's the best face on photo}
Natalie was a dragon

It was a good, fun day, and Nat finally fell asleep in the car on the way home - she'd had enough by then, but do you think we can get her to sleep now?!

Of course, being the baldy he is, DH couldn't resist playing with wigs - this isn't the best one, but I'll scrap the other one to share during the week.

I'm doing a "use your stash" challenge at therapy (my idea) - my goal is twenty LOs in two weeks (two weeks, cause I'm off to a crop and want to spend up then) - so far I've managed seven, so I'm well on the way, with one week to go!

Off to throw the children into bed...


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