Saturday 12 July 2008

a RAK cause I can...

I know you're out there!!

Leave me a comment between now and Wednesday, telling me which country you're in (and how you found me?) and I'll draw a name out of a bowl for some of the yummy trimmings I found the other day... and, yes, I'm happy to post international!


  1. I'm in the UK, and I found you via the My Freedom message board. I've just been reading your posts from Shimelle's prompts :)

  2. Im in Australia, I found you on a parenting forum.

    I think you may live around the corner from me !

  3. I am in USA (Texas). I found you because visited my blog. So how did you find me? Now I'll stay busy visiting your blog, too.


  4. i am from Missouri in the US and...well...I don't remember how I found you! LOL...twopeas? journaling junkie? *shrugging* Its fun checking in on you from time to time! :-D


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