Sunday 31 August 2008

she's gone...

I have never met this mother-in-law before (I have two, this is DH's step mum, but he feels she is more of a mother to him), she was going on a cruise when we got married (probably a good thing, when DH's youngest sister hasn't spoken to him for weeks because Trotter was coming over to visit)... it's a big, messy story - DH was "sent" to live with dad and Trotter (so called, cause she likes to walk everywhere!) at the ripe old age of ten... now Mother regularly says "I never knew where they were, I couldn't find him"... Oh the tangled web we weave!

Anyway, it's been nice getting to know her - I said yesterday it was like having my mum here... she just dropped into doing stuff with the kids, offering to help in the kitchen, always picking up in the loungeroom - and most importantly, she doesn't dwell in the past like Mother does! It makes for a much more pleasant visit when someone doesn't have something to say about every topic, no matter their knowledge level!!

She's gone to stay with the oldest sister for a week - we'll go up and see her again next Sunday (and duck out to the markets, which we always mean to visit, but never have) and say goodbye before she heads back to Perth on Monday.

And, of course, on the drive home we discussed how we would make a driving trip to Perth work. I've always said it's too far to drive with kids, but it's WAY more expensive to fly! I suppose if we were taking our time, and stopped to see the sights along the way, it wouldn't be too bad a trip... maybe we'll actually do it in a couple of years time!

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  1. It's good when you can get along with the inlaws, makes life way less dramatic.


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