Wednesday 10 September 2008

mums group wednesday....

We go to mums group every Wednesday - although there was a whole period of time when we didn't get there, cause someone changed sleep patterns!

We've been meeting since Nat was 6weeks old - she is now 18mths old, so we've been meeting for almost 17 months!

We have a core group of about ten mums, from a wide variety of backgrounds. In the early days, we were the only family with more than one child (many of the mums have had, or are about to have, their second child - we're still the only family of more than two kids), and for awhile, we were the only family that didn't go through the IVF process. Man, I am SO glad we haven't had to go through that! It is heart wrenching watching my friends go through it, I don't know if I would have the strength!

It has also been an excuse to cook every week, and eat lots of yummy foods... but some days just leave me feeling down!

As with any group of women that comes together, there is always someone who feels "different"... In fact, chances are that everyone walks away at some time or another feeling it. There are a couple of mums who just get up my nose... even after all this time. I can't be sure exactly what it is that gets up my nose, but I know that some days I just walk away feeling awful, and today was one of those days.

But Nat had fun. And while it takes her time to warm up to the world, and none of the kids have really figured out the whole "playing with the other kids" thing, she still had fun. It's always great to go and play with someone else's toys, and discover new things in the process.

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  1. I used to love taking mine to playgroup, many, many years ago now. I think no matter what there will always be that one annoying person in any group - LOL. Just go with the flow. We once had 2 mums come to fisty cuffs at a playgroup, in front of all the kids, not good. No one was game to seperate them so I had too (funny now).


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