Saturday 11 October 2008

I need to vent.....

Or "why are men tools?"

It's Saturday. Yesterday was Friday. Yesterday I functioned on less than five hours sleep, so by the time DH got home, I was pretty cranky. Yesterday Chloe came home for the weekend. Cranky Cate gets pissed off with hubby, blows her stack... hubby says it's all Chloe's fault. Cranky Cate blows up again. Hubby proceeds to drink a cask of wine.....

It's Saturday. For weeks we've been planning to empty our storage unit. We've had stuff in storage for two years, but they're putting our fees up this month, so it's time to get the stuff out (maybe they should have put our fees up a year ago, would have saved me over a $1000, but that's not part of the story.) Hubby has a bad back. He has a fused spine, and shouldn't be bending and lifting furniture (which is mostly what's in the storage unit) on his own. But hubby is still pissed from yesterday. He went to hire a trailer, and then took himself off to the storage unit on his own. There's an extra pair of hands waiting here for him (in the shape of James), but he's pissed enough to be spiteful and do it himself.

It's Saturday. I'm going to a crop tonight, but last night I couldn't get enthusiastic about my photos, they seemed "boring" (but in the gloomy light of today, it just seems that I've scrapped the ones I wanted to). But at this rate, I'll be staying to referee the children while hubby wanders around in his cloud of pissed-off-ness. Hopefully, he cheers up.


  1. Sometimes you just have to leave them to do it their way - even if it's not for the best. Hope it sorts itself out soon! {{Hugs}}

  2. No worries Cate...Yesterday was my bad day too! Nothing was going right and I was just snapping away. Sometimes you just need to vent. Hope it helped.

    Have a "better" day.


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