Tuesday 14 October 2008

my very first tag!!

Thanks Dianne!!

Six secrets?! I don't think I have any secrets, I'm not very good at keeping secrets... how about I share six things you might not know about me instead?!

  1. I love reading! Magazines, books, blogs, forums, sometimes I even read the Saturday paper ~lol~
  2. I don't have any photos from my childhood, which sometimes makes me sad... when my parents split, dad kept everything, and probably doesn't even have them anymore. But I have my memories, good and bad.
  3. I'm a clutterbug. I can't keep the house neat and tidy for any reason - and I'm the worst offender for dumping stuff and leaving it there!
  4. I love cooking cakes and biscuits and sweet stuff, but hate the chore of cooking dinner each night.
  5. My wedding dress was purple and orange.
  6. I enjoy taking online scrapping classes, and sometime soon I actually intend to finish a class!!


  1. 1. I Love gardening
    2. I too have very few photo's from my child hood, but have heaps of good memories
    3. I hate cooking
    4. I have 2 tattoo's
    5. I enjoy studying and learning new things
    6. I am a clean freak and it drives Darren and Mitchell crazy

  2. Love that your wedding dress was purple and orange! I had a colorful wedding dress too!

  3. Oh LOL Kate! I;m a clutterbug too!
    Love the song playing (Julie Cruise) so peaceful to listen to while reading!


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