Wednesday 26 November 2008

yep, I'm a junkie!!

An online class junkie, that is! As if it wasn't enough that I'm not keeping up with Design Your Life from Cathy Zielske, I'm planning to not keep up with from Shimelle Laine, starting on December 1st! 37 days of prompts (from December 1st to January 6th, traditionally the twelfth day of Christmas), I decided to take this class on because it sounded like a great way to "recapture" the childhood joy of Christmas.

{I'm inserting an embarrassed face here - I believed in Santa Clause until I was well into my later teenage years! My parents were THAT good at hiding stuff! It wasn't until I became a parent and asked mum how she did it, that I discovered the secret was... off site hiding! Having their own business, they had plenty of storage away from the house!!)

Last year I spent {thousands} of dollars (that we didn't really have) on a Christmas Day that ended up very stressful (with 8 people pulling out of Christmas lunch at 11.55am by text!!), so we decided to change our plans from this year onwards... DD1 spends alternate Christmases with her dad, and this year is his year, so we're doing the family thing on Christmas Day, and a big party of family and friends on the 27th... hopefully that will relieve the stress a bit.... but I need to get a wiggle on, planning the menu!

Ok, so back to the class... the time difference means that (like past Shimelle classes I haven't finished) I'll get the prompts each night somewhere around dinnertime, and the plan is to sneak off for about an hour and scrap a page... I've got an American Crafts Modern album in 8.5x11 (cause I thought 12x12 would be a bit too big for me first time)... and I'm also planning to combine a-photo-a-day a la Ali Edwards December Daily (in 8x8)... Here's hoping that, with the support of friends and family, I can actually keep up!!


  1. Another Christmas lover here - Have a wonderful time - if you don't get time to finish the page put all the bits into a page protector in your album - when you get back to it it kick starts the memories. This is my favourite class!!

  2. I do hope you enjoy this class. I am in for my third year and each time it gets better and easier to get the daily prompts done. EnJOY

  3. Okay--I LOVE the comment, "and I'm not planning to keep up with..." because it's TOTALLY something I would say as well! Very true, though.



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