Friday 19 December 2008

dear santa...

I know I've probably left it too late - years late in fact, seeing as how I haven't written a letter to you since very early in my teenage years some twenty-something years ago - but I just wanted to share...

{I want my baby girl to decide that living with her dad isn't as much fun as she thinks it is, and come home}

I don't need much for Christmas, and as hard as hubby finds it to believe, books and cds and serving platters really do fulfil my needs!! {as will some shopping vouchers, and some quiet time without kids hanging off me, but that's another story for another day!}

Happy kids, and no family arguments, and lots of smiles, and everyone happy to pose for photos, and then the time to make the photos into the dreamed of mini-albums, and I think my holidays will be set! {do you have any idea how hard it is to write... when someone is peering over your shoulder at every word you write?!}

Weather-wise, it wouldn't be Christmas if it didn't drizzle-spit while we ate breakfast, but please keep the heat down to a bearable 30 degrees centigrade (or less)... then we can try to enjoy some fresh air, instead of having to retreat to the lounge room and enjoy the airconditioning...

I think that's all for this year... I promise to write again next year... it's kind of cathartic to actually get the words down!

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