Monday 22 December 2008

christmas traditions....

Only three sleeps to go... and I'm not ready yet... I have stockings to make (but they aren't needed until Friday), presents to wrap (if I get them all done by Wednesday, then I don't have to break my neck two nights this week!), grocery shopping to do (finished the menus ten minutes ago), and jam to make (along with some other bits and pieces for some gifts)... but I was baking fruit mince pies this morning, and I realised that I was doing it exactly the same way my mum did when I was a kid...

Now, I hate fruit mince pies... But hubby loves them, so I make them (I used to think that mum did the same, but apparently she likes fruit mince pies!) I had to take photos, cause I was even using the same hand action as mum when I was making the lids, and the icing dripped the same way... and it just brought back memories of childhood Christmases... {sometimes they were good!}

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  1. mmm fruit mince pies - YUMMO! Thanks for dropping by my blog Cate! Yours looks great!


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