Monday 12 January 2009

it's a....

.... door? It's the door to my bedroom. So, what? On Friday it was a sliding glass door, with my whole bedroom in all it's glory visible to anyone sitting anywhere in my lounge room... now it's a double solid door, complete with door knob... much easier to keep Cody out when he visits, and much easier to close the rest of the world out for grown up time!

.... a door knob? So, what? It's a different door to the one above - it's the door to my scrap room! Now I can keep little fingers out of my room when I'm not in there! Only problem is it doesn't get cool in there any more (it's at the bottom of the stairs, so the air conditioner has been reaching that far), so I'll have to keep an eye on humidity in the room. And it will be great in winter, I can set up a little heater and scrap the night away toasty warm ~lol~

Haven't been scrapping much - completed the January challenge for out of the hat, and then the Kaisercraft website picked up my post and put it on their home page, that was pretty awesome! I'm following along with a few scrappy challenges this year - LSBS has a 52 week pick up challenge going on, and I'm liking the look of 52 sketches, 52 weeks... as well as taking 365 photos this year (which I'm either going to load into a photo album, or into 12x12 3-up pockets a-la Becky Higgins' sold out KOTM... I'm liking the photo album idea, much less work to complete, but the 3-up sleeves would be great if I could get them before the end of this month.

Only 2 weeks of holidays left - yay - time to start getting organised to send them back to school! YAY!!

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  1. Yay on the door and door knobs!

    Did you by any chance find that 52 sketch challenge on my blog?? :-P


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