Sunday 4 January 2009

the new year got off to a BIG start on Friday

We headed off to the Big Pineapple with everyone on Friday... as soon as we arrived, Chloe informed us she was bored... I think she turned into a teenager recently ~lol~

The boys had to push the prams up the hill...

Baby chickens in the animal nursery to hold... he was absolutely terrified, but so excited!

There's a sign near the donkey saying "may bite", so it took some convincing that feeding him was okay, and he was so happy to be fed, but don't touch his ears!

There are two trains going around the plantation - due to timing, we kept missing them, so Nat was very excited to be finally hoping on it, but once she was on it, she wasn't so sure! She's become a real daddy's girl with him at home these holidays, it will be nice to see him back to work and all of us in a routine again, but she'll miss him (got him home for another week, first)

The Big Pineapple isn't as big as it was when I was a kid! But it's still big enough to them!


  1. Seeing these photos really brought back some childhood & honeymoon memories . . . it's actually reminded me that we should look at taking our boys there one day soon!

    Thanks for sharing them!


  2. We went to the Big Banana last year and it wasn't as big as I remembered either. Maybe they're both shrinking:-)


  3. Oh The Big Pineapple!! I have visted there twice, in 1998 & 2001 when I travelled over there from the UK to visit my best friend in Tewantin!! Happy memories!


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