Monday 23 February 2009

a quick update....

I {hope} I'm starting to get on top of the morning sickness, and that my energy levels pick up soon - when they did my blood tests at the beginning, they discovered that I was anemic again, but I haven't been able to keep down the iron tablets until yesterday... I still can't drink a lot of fluid (which isn't really helping with the general feelings of ickyness, or the breastfeeding!), but as long as I eat every couple of hours, I'm managing to keep everything down... poached eggs and microwave popcorn are becoming good friends! I don't have enough energy to scrap, or turn my computer on most days... but I'm hoping that the crop at my LSS this Saturday won't be a complete waste!


  1. I hope you feel better soon too!

  2. Do hope you are feeling better soon Cate. However, I remember exactly what that feels like. Wow, just read your profile as well about the house being full already.

  3. Hi Cate, hope you are feeling better soon. My SIL is going through same issues with her preg, they have put her on some med to stop her being so sick but it is soooo expensive.
    Hope your mojo came back on sat (must be on a tropical island with my mojo - hope they are drinking cocktails and sunning themselves) - lol
    take it easy.


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