Sunday 8 March 2009

yesterday, you were two (and mum didn't post about it, cause she's slack...)

We started the day, waking up to a lounge room full of balloons! What better way to start off a birthday than with piles of balloons to play with all by yourself?!

And cause mum's a bit slack, constantly feeling like crap, we then headed to the shops to buy birthday presents! Hiding the Elmo slippers was easy (thanks, Amanda!), and the trolley full of stuff wasn't nearly as exciting as walking around the shops and running away from Duddles.

Home for a spot of cleaning before Nana arrived, then presents and cake with Nana, and lots of playing with balloons, and NO SLEEP!

Finally crashed out just before dinner, and slept through the whole night... so the rest of the presents and birthday cake came this morning (fortunately, she's young enough to not know the difference between one day and the next... and blowing out candles is SO MUCH FUN!)

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!

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