Tuesday 17 March 2009

random update...

Cause I've been so slack lately (still vomiting at 13wks, mostly at night), I haven't shared this piece of awesomeness... my bestie, Amanda, made it for me for my birthday... can you guess what it is? No idea? A scrapping tool tote!! And she made it herself! She modified a clear shoebox inside to create compartments for those all important doodads needed when scrapping, and there's pockets all around the outside for other bits and bobs... and it's been so well received by everyone who has seen it that she's selling them! (contact her through her blog if you're interested)

So, it was my birthday on Saturday... yep, today is Tuesday, and I'm only just sharing now... I made my cake, otherwise I would never have got one (I felt so guilty that Nat got a shop bought cake for her birthday... even if she did get two cakes)... a white chocolate mud cake, the same recipe I used for Nat's birthday last year... it's definately a winner of a recipe, and I managed to keep it down! Wasn't so lucky on Sunday when I pushed my luck and ate two pieces...

Random photo from lunch today... we've decided that we can feed ourselves, so I just let her go... glad she wasn't wearing any clothes, made cleaning up much easier!

And just a quick share... not the best photo... I went to a baby shower a couple of weeks ago, and really wanted to make a "baby bunch", but had no energy, and at the last minute couldn't get the "flowers" to stick to the stems... so I faked it by stuffing the bucket with shredded paper, covering with a bunny rug, and poking the "flowers" into the crevisses... and it was very well recieved by mum, and all the guests loved it, too!

I haven't been scrapping, in fact, I hardly take any photos at the moment... I'm still hoping that this time I don't vomit my way through the whole pregnancy... I am managing to keep up with my pregnancy journal (I just cut up a whole random stash of paper ot A5 size, drew lines on them, then inserted them into page protecters in an A5 binder... and I make notes at least once a week... although there's a couple of weeks where I felt too crook...), so I will have some sort of record this time...

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  1. I love the baby bunch - what a great idea.
    Hope your morning sickness settles down soon - my SIL is suffering with it as well.


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