Sunday 12 April 2009

happy easter if you celebrate!

I can't eat chocolate (bubba doesn't seem to like it!), but home made choc chip hot cross buns are okay... I've made a couple of batches in the last few days...

I decided to get all crafty and excited about making baskets for Douglas' class... but couldn't come up with any "how-to's", until I found something that reminded me of rabbits I used to make as a kid... folding face washers (flannels) into a rabbit shape, then filling him with an egg... and they were very well received by the class!

Checking out the stash... unfortunately, we've had a huge case of "I haven't got enough, I should get more" here today... neither of the big kids is truly grateful for what they have received, and cranky attitude is rolling off both of them in huge waves (although Chloe has settled down a bit today, think she might be returning to normal...)

Yeasr ago when it was just Chloe and I, filling her up with chocolate wasn't working, so I started buying her a new pair of winter pyjamas for easter... we've carried on the tradition with the other two, and this year we added books to the pile...

She hasn't taken her pyjamas off all day... and has eaten quite a bit more chocolate than the other two (especially when they didn't listen to us, and left their boxes low enough for her to reach!) And she seems to finally be over the desire to not sleep during the day and stay up until after ten pm each night like she's done for the last week... but now it's time for the disruption of having the kids home for the holidays, which upsets any routines we have!

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  1. It looks like you had a great Easter.
    I hope you had a good enough chocolate fix with your hot cross buns!!
    I love your face washer bunnies too!

    There is a little something on my blog for you.


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