Monday 6 April 2009

yes, that's a car on her head!

I'm such a terrible mum! The kids were playing with cars in the hallway, then all of a sudden, Nat was WAY too quiet! Couldn't figure out why, until Douglas brought her into the lounge...

I had a quick look, determined it was stuck and the only course of action was to cut it out, and then laughed all the way to the kitchen to get the scissors... and picked up the camera on the way back... how could I resist getting photos of that?! She stood very still while I took photos, and then even still-er while I cut the car out (fortunately, you can't notice the missing bit of hair.) Now every time she plays with cars we remind her not to put them in her hair!

Her other obsession at the moment is money... if I get my purse, or Steve gets his wallet, she's there, holding her hand out for money (good girl! ~lol~)... bought her a little money box yesterday so she can keep all her money in one place... it's a great toy, makes lots of noise when you shake it... no coins are safe in this house any more ~lol~

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