Monday 1 June 2009

~~ more baby craftyness ~~

{burp cloth, backed with green flannel}

{matching bib backed with green flannel}

I need to work on the bib pattern - I used a favourite bib of Nat's, but once it was sewn up, it was a bit too small, so it's back to the drawing board... at least I have the basic design, and the polar fleece is so lovely to work with, even for a novice sewer like me! And hubby is liking the idea of some burp clothes - we have a mountain of terry flats from when Chloe was a bubba (and there's probably some from Douglas' mum's first in the pile as well - and he's 17 this year!) that have seen better days!


  1. These are so cute. I love the fabric print. Are they terry front?

  2. It's MamaKoala btw (shows one of my blog names here by the looks of it)

  3. I love the burp cloth idea.It is a great way of using up scraps of polar fleece.
    (By the way,I found you from "out of the hat" scrapbooking site)


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