Saturday 13 June 2009

~~ today, I am grateful for ~~

1 - an oven that has 3 working elements to cook pumpkin soup for tea
2 - my bookclub girls... we don't see each other except for bookclub, but they are such good friends
3 - a healthy bubba, even if he is measuring big for gestational age
4 - a gas heater to keep warm on the suddenly cold days
5 - a still sleeping bubba, even if she will be up late tonight
6 - the urge to scrap slowly returning
7 - a dishwasher, so I don't have to wash everything by hand
8 - a hubby to catch the spider lurking in the toilet
9 - chocolate


  1. YUM!! Are chicken wings on the menu for tonight?? I'm coming over!! ;-)

    Looks great btw ..... certainly makes it easier than thinking what to cook .... which is what I am currently doing ???


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