Thursday 22 October 2009

~~ uh oh, she did it again ~~

signed up for another online class, that is.

I love my blog, even though I feel as if it hardly gets read by anyone (and the person it was originally intended for, my mother, is hopeless at keeping up with it!), and I constantly have more ideas to keep me posting and sharing stuff, but I'm not very good at following through (says she who constantly says "I must finish that online class I signed up for" but never does, and constantly signs up for new online classes ~lol~)

Anyway, I figure that with a kick up the bum in the form of daily prompts, and lots of ideas to share, and even lots of fellow bloggers to read my blog (and me to read theirs) that it might actually be possible to keep up with this class (probably helps that when the little boy is restless he needs to be held upright, which I tend to do in front of the computer anyway, daytime tv bores me!) So, the plan is to try and keep up with the class... head over to Shimelle's site to get more info.


  1. so excited for you to join us!! :) your blog is making me *hungry* this morning! might have to bake something!

  2. Well you have one faithful reader in me Cate...even if I dont always leave a comment, I always read!!!

    Am off to check out that class...loks intriguing!!!

  3. Me too. I can't wait to see more of your ideas. You always get me almost doing stuff LOL. Going to check out Shmelle's page now.

  4. Hello fellow blogger! Just dropped by from Shimelle's to say 'Hi' and 'See you in class'! :-)


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