Friday 13 November 2009

2 months old

{oops, a couple of days late, but he'll never know}

you weigh 6.02kg, and measure 58cms long
you have a dimple in your cheek when you smile
you love falling asleep on dad's shoulder
natalie loves to sing "jingle bells" to you
you go to bed by 10pm, but wake up with the sparrows at 5am most mornings
you only wake twice during the night (and sometimes, I think you only wake because I move you in bed)
you don't go to sleep on long car trips, but you don't cry, either, unless it's time for a feed
you haven't really found your voice yet, too many other kids to make noise for you
(the purple teddy bear was natalie's, this frog is special just for you!)


  1. awwww. what a cutie! and he's so long
    and heavy compared to my son!
    (he's exactly two months old today ^^)

    and this is a neat idea. hope you
    don't mind if I follow it in my later
    post! (:

  2. We get to two months next week. It has all passed in a bit of a blur and far too quickly.

  3. He's getting so big since I saw him. He's so cute. And what a great frog/friend.

  4. This is so sweet! I love how honest you were. Every bit of it was precious and wonderful to have for the future.


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