Friday 8 January 2010

5 {intentions for 2010} on Friday

  1. 52 recipes - to try a new recipe each week, in an attempt to eat better
  2. 52 walks - the Flickr group sounds like a great way to stay accountable to increase exercise
  3. blog more - so far 5 on Friday will be staying, and I'm planning to borrow the title "53 Mondays" (although I've missed one already) to do "something" bloggy.
  4. explore sustainability and our life - not sure what this will end up being, but to start with it will involve changing the little boy from disposable nappies to modern cloth nappies (as finances allow) Other areas for exploring include reducing food waste (tying in with menu planning and recipe trying), and vegie/herb garden growing.
  5. bringing scrapping/crafting back into my day-to-day life - going back to setting aside one day each week for crafting/scrapping as the little boy gets bigger (and hopefully we get our house back soon, but that's a story for another day)

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  1. Oh, I'm trying out a recipe a week too :-) Because we got snowed in I had to make the first one up out of storecupboard ingredients lol but it was fairly successful! Looking forward to trying a 'proper' recipe next week...

    PS We did cloth nappies too but we were lucky enough to have a local nappy service nearby - they collected the dirties and delivered the clean ones each week. Good luck with that x


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