Tuesday 19 January 2010

keeping up... sort of

{sorry the photos are in the wrong order, I forgot blogger does that, and can't be bothered cutting and pasting them in the right order} I've only missed two days, although some of the more random photos (like feet and clothes pegs) I've taken to fill in space. Cathy Zielske has a tutorial on her blog on how to create your own overlays, very easy, and I'm happy I've created them myself! (fonts are honey script and arial) I'm enjoying finally figuring out how to use photoshop and digi-scrapping, and the whole photo-a-day process has me thinking, too.


  1. GREAT pics, Cate! and thanks for the link about the overlays. I will check that out. :o)

  2. Love the pics. Great work. YAY on using PSE! It becomes fun once you know how. I can't wait to see what the rest of the month has in store.

  3. hi, just popped over to say hello. Your children are so super cute. You should scrap them more often! ;) Lxx


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