Friday 29 January 2010

a quick FREE plug...

Some time in the last 6 weeks, I discovered Aud Neal. I'm not sure if it's because of my wanderings through digi-scrapness, or because someone linked to her blog, but her digi-scrapness is pretty cool, and her words leave me thinking at times (although, lots of words leave me thinking, especially at 2am, when I'm listening to rain pouring down on the roof, or hubby snoring peacefully beside me while I can't sleep)... Anyway, I wanted to share a link to her free blog class, starting February 7th - it catches my attention, because I've been thinking a lot lately about the music that ISN'T playing in my life, and how I need to fix that for my kids. (I don't think I have ever played Bethoven's 9th symphony for my oldest daughter, let alone my little ones... bad mumma!)

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  1. I dare take on this class?!?! The dates are the week before my niece's bridal shower that is being held at my house. I would love to though...thanks for the info - you've got me thinking about it!


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