Tuesday 2 February 2010

{53 Mondays}

{yes, I know it's Tuesday afternoon, but it's still Monday somewhere in the world, and I'm the boss - "you're not the parent, Mum's the parent" says my almost-3-year old on a regular basis!}

I haven't done any actual creating this week. The closest I got was purchasing this ledger paper from Designer Digitals, in response to a brain spark after reading this post about organising blog posts months in advance. I've been procrastinating about setting up a home binder (the Memory Log Book got me started), and this post just feeds into that small spark. Need to wander off to the office supply shop and make some purchases.

Oh, and I signed up for some BPS classes. Don't Blink and Project: Save Your Sanity are self-paced classes (and the 20% off coupon wasn't posted when I did it, but if you like the classes, HERE is the code) and Saving Your Sanity: Celebrations is a workshop starting in March.

(I've noticed a lot of American bloggers putting disclosure notes at the bottom of their posts, something to do with tax rules I remember reading about on Scrapbook Update. We don't have the same issue in Australia, and I'm not important enough that people would listen to my advice anyway, I just like sharing links - no blog post is complete without a photo and a link if relevant!)

When I've finally figured out what my binder pages will look like, I'm hoping they will make the process of keeping me, and my house, and my blog, a little m ore organised... although everything I read about home binders relates in some way to "keeping on top of housework", and as I've explained before, I don't do housework! (I scrub toilets, wash clothes and dishes, sweep and mop as necessary, cook and gorcery shop, but the rest is for children and husbands!)

{This year I've decided to try theming my blog header photos of my tribe. Let me know what you think}

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