Monday 29 March 2010

{53 Mondays} # 13 - a tin of pins

Nat is back to good health. I've got lots of posts to share this week, keep your eyes open.

This week's craft is a pincushion. Something I really needed, because I'm constantly pricking my fingers reaching into the little blue box of 200 pins, not to mention that the little blue box with 200 pins is a curiosity for the many inquisitive fingers in this house. At least with a pin cushion I can fool myself into believing that the inquisitve fingers won't touch the pins any more.

So I hunted for instructions to make a pincushion. And there's lots out there that involve way more sewing ability (or scraps of fabric) than I have. And then finally I stumbled on the tin can pincushion from design*sponge (via the long thread), and knew it was something I could do. After a busy {sick} week, I finally managed to pull it together this morning, using some fabric scraps from curtains I made a couple of years ago. (I found pinning the fabric together before sticking it in the tin was the best way to get the shape I was after)

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