Monday 5 April 2010

{53 Mondays} # 14 - a new door

This week's "crafty" endeavour

We finally have a new front door. I thought about painting it red, and realised I wasn't being true to me. Fortunately, the online paint matcher reccomended pairing the purple with blue or red... I went with the red. I have to finish the trim around the glass (which lets in a surprisingly large amount of light into our entryway), and do a final coat on the inside, but that can wait until the kids are back at school.


  1. I LOVE it! I have wanted a red front door FOREVER, but the home-owners association where we live would never allow it. I really like your purple door trimmed in red. Very striking.

  2. Wonderful! Love the color! And how easy will it be for you to give directions to your house . . . "turn at the corner and look for the house with the purple door."


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