Monday 12 April 2010

{53 Mondays} #15 holiday crafting

We're just at the end of school holidays here, and I had 6 kids home for the holidays. If you follow me on facebook, you know it hasn't been the best week of our lives - starting off with 4 sick kids, and ending with ungrateful, cranky pre-teens, but we muddled through, and managed to have some fun in the process. Most of my projects are incomplete - some days I'm not sure how I managed to breath, let alone make it into my clothes or feed everyone!

First up, some shopping. Lime Tart is a kit club here in Australia. I joined their fan page on facebook a couple of months ago, and enjoy window shopping on their website. Unbeknownst to me, they ran a fan competition through the fb page, and drew a winner for a $200 shopping spree when they reached 840 fans. I WON! I was floored when it was announced, but I had fun shopping for real (although it is very hard to spend $200, it took me a couple of days to do it!)

Next up, some simple notelets for a gift. More on the idea behind this later in the week.

Then the kids decorated some stars with bits and pieces. The original idea was to make the stars 3D, but the little ones glued over the slits... then I thought about turning them into a banner, but in true kid-style, the stars are spread all over the floor.

Then we had a go at wet felting. Not as easy for the kids as I thought it would be... maybe if it had just been Chloe, Douglas and I, we would have had an easier time of it...

I'm going to turn mine into a pouch for my iPod Touch... another-project-to-add-to-the-pile-of-projects-waiting-to-be-finished. I also have a hybrid layout (inspired by this layout) just waiting for me to print and stick together, hopefully that will be done for next week.


  1. What a seriously amazing prize! Congrats on that. I love the look of your felting - it's one of those things I have always meant to try but never got round to.

    I'm not on facebook much, but I'll look out for you :)

  2. Wow, Cate! Congrats on the win. Now if you could just find time to use all that fun stuff, eh?

    And I've always wanted to try felting. I love the polka dot piece you plan to use as an iPod cover! We'll expect to see a photo when it's complete. ;o)

  3. Yippee for fb giveaways!!!
    Sounds like you survived the holidays in one piece. Did I already ask what type of paper u use to print with?


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