Tuesday 13 April 2010

right now

I was inspired by Stephanie Howell's post to share...

favourite colour? pink and black
favourite food? chicken sandwiches and chocolate
loves? andrew
[a boy? mum was not expecting that answer!]
wears? long shirts and shorts
reading? rondo, adventures of the wishing chair
listening to? tik tok

favourite colour? gold
food? mcdonalds burgers
friend? braden
show? spongebob
toy? lego
day? thursday
[scouts day]

favourite colour? yellow
food? chocolate
drink? water
tv show? dooby dooby do, dora and diego
[scooby doo]


  1. Yes! That's a great idea - really great shots of the kiddos too :-)

  2. Cate I couldn't see where to email you so I'm here again :-)
    I heard a review of the Stieg Larsson books the other day and they sounded great - could only be better than the others! Oh, yes .... 11 is waaaay too young for the 'saga', I'm surprised at how young some girls are who are reading them.

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