Thursday 15 April 2010

a simple thank you

I'm the first to admit that I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer. I have always found it hard to make friends, and over the last four years I have lost touch with most of my "in real life" friends. Being me, I blame myself for the loss of those friendships, even though the reality is it's just life. People are so busy living life in their own little world that they forget about the connections that make that life we live just a bit richer.

A friend of mine relocated to Ayr at the start of the year for work purposes.. Her youngest child is with her, but she's had to leave her husband and oldest child here in Brisbane so as not to disrupt schooling. I used to write lots of letters when I first relocated from Victoria to Queensland in the early 90s, and it occured to me one quiet afternoon that this was the perfect situation to re-establish a connection we once had, and to become penpals!

I've been creating some notelet cards. Just something simple to brighten someone's day, and mine, too.

So, here's where you come in, dear reader... my challenge to you this week is to take the time to send a card or letter to someone you don't speak to regularly. Make someone smile.


  1. I loved the card you sent me and this one looks just as cute! I do enjoy writing letters and I think I'm about the only person left I know who still sends postcards when she goes on holiday.

  2. Thank you for sharing the video. I'm off to see if I can find an old pastor of mine.


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