Tuesday 11 May 2010

you are 8 months old

(and mumma has blogged on time!)

{you wouldn't hold still for the camera}
you still have only two teeth, but others are hurting you
commando crawling is your movement of choice
you follow the kids wherever they are playing
you've been saying "da da da" for about three weeks now
and you know that it means "dad"
still not fond of food, but we keep trying
you're a sticky beak/people watcher when we're out and about
you are wearing size 0 clothes
you can sit unassisted for a few minutes at a time
you get terrible nappy rash when you're teething
tears soon wash away to a smile when mum or dad pick you up
you still don't like long car trips
you've eaten cat kibble a couple of times in the last week



  1. He is getting SO big! I love these monthly lists you post, Cate. I guess he will be harder and harder to photograph in the upcoming months as he becomes more mobile and faster. Enjoy!


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