Tuesday 27 July 2010

second drawer down

I was inspired by Marci at Overcoming Busy to finally tackle my utensil drawer...
(I started writing this post on June 25th. It's taken me that long to get the courage up!)

When I read Marci's post, I realised there was no way my drawer could ever look that neat and tidy. But I could get rid of some stuff that was making a full drawer even more cluttered. And I finally got fed up with my procrastination last Wednesday, and pulled out the camera (to record for posterity here on my blog) and got stuck in to the task at hand.

Here are the entire contents of the drawer laid out on my kitchen table. In no particular order I found - an icecream scoop, not one but two garlic crushers, a meat tenderiser/mallet, a pair of scissors I haven't seen for over three years, K beater for my Kenwood mixer (I have an original glass bowl, too), a zester, micro grater, tupperware measuring cups, two sets of measuring spoons and an extra tablespoon, teaspoon and quarter teaspoon measuring spoons, 7 bowl scrapper thingys, two roast forks, 2 bread knives, cake knife and slice server from my wedding, lids to icy-tup style icy pole makers, lids to small containers for salad dressing, 4 medicine cups, beaters for my hand mixer, 2 egg whisks, 1 metal egg flip, 1 plastic/nylon egg flip, 1 bbq flip, 4 pairs of small tongs, 5 pairs of regular size tongs, 1 pair of long (bbq) tongs, 8 cookie cutters, including 4 star cutters nestled together, a juicer, packet of plastic wine charms, 1 metal spatula, 1 plastic/nylon spatula, 2 soup ladles, 4 plastic Ikea knives, 1 basting brush, 1 spaghetti spoon, 1 spoon, 1 slotted spoon, 1 potato masher (in the dishwasher), 1 tea strainer, 1 plastic fork for getting pet food out of cans, 3 lids for pet food cans, plastic labels for decor freezer boxes, 1 plastic bag clip.

The finished drawer. I've had a couple of days to get used to this, and it is much nicer to be able to just see what I want straight away, without having to hunt too hard. And it's a little easier for the kids when they're putting the clean dishes away - the clean ones just fit straight in, no pressure needed to close the drawer!

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