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Saturday, 21 August 2010

happy birthday...

... to my blog! and 500 posts, too!

I have been blogging now for three years! My first post wasn't my first attempt at blogging, I had a blog on the old yahoo! 360 (which I kept up with for awhile), and I even had a couple of blogger blogs before google bought them (I'm surprised they exist, and I think I remember the password to get to them), but this is where I have been most consistent.

In my first 4 months of blogging, I posted random information - even in the early days I asked "why blog?", I shared some scrap layouts, and took seasonal photos of my jacaranda tree.

In 2008, my blogging became slightly guided with content - 2peas had a daily blog challenge, so I answered a few questions, started checking out other blogs, and discovering new scrap voices. And I even borrowed ideas from other people (once I learnt how to create hyperlinks - that was a challenging evening between Steve and I, as it was something neither of us had ever done before!)

I shared reviews of scrap magazines, sadness about Chloe leaving, and coming back again, found new definitions, and shared obsessions (I think that was the last time I bought a really big stash of thickers). I counted down to important events, and shared random adventures in our lives. (I didn't realise until just now that I didn't share a birthday post for Douglas last year - I must make sure I share two photos this year!)

I have made new friends, learned new things about myself, taken lots of classes, and I have the memories to share in years to come. Thank you for being part of my journey, and for sharing your journey, too.


  1. Congratulations!! On both counts :-) I love your summary of what blogging is and has been to you xx

  2. Congratulations! A really good way to sum up your blogging life - and here's to many, many more great posts in the future.

  3. Congratulations, Cate! :o)!!! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs (and thanks for the little link!). Here's wishing you many more years of blogging! xo

    PS: That cake is adorable!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your blog. Congratulations. I used to have a 360 page. Then I went to multiply and came over to Blogger. I have 3 here at blogger. But thing I'll stream line it to 1.
    Off to have a squiz at your hyperlinks.

  5. cake looks gorgeous!!! happy blogiversary!!


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