Wednesday 1 September 2010

words on wednesday

I have shared many times that I am a procrastinator. I don't know which parent I inherited it from, but I think my kids will inherit it from me. A friend shared with me her definition of procrastination a couple of weeks ago as "being afraid to finish something", and that rang very true to me!

As part of my procrastination lately, I've been exploring blogs that help people achieve things. From Little Mummy's  blogger e-course, to Andrea Schroeder's Creativity 101 e-course, to Tara Gentile's Creative Action e-course, and the "Live a Better Life in 30 Days" challenge at the Personal Excellence blog (which happens in September) I read about ways to ignite creativity, get your mojo working, and manage time better, and get inspired by everything I read.

Perhaps that is my problem - too much reading. But I can't figure out an effective way to STOP reading. We've been away 3 times this year, and each time I haven't been on facebook, or looked at my reader, and I planned blog posts before I went, and I liked being unplugged. But when I'm at home I can't leave it alone. I don't turn the computer on, but I can still access facebook on my ipod (and if I want to read really small pages, I can access anything). And when I'm busy creating and doing, I don't WANT to access anything, but some days it's the GETTING STARTED that holds me back.

Maybe I need a better morning routine. Maybe I need to "do" housework. Maybe I'll think of another reason to NOT do anything...

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  1. You have such great links!

    I'm right with you on the whole routine thing - I've been thinking exactly the same thing. I want to start the new term off by keeping more "office hours " with the computer instead of wandering backwards and forwards to it all the time, so I've moved my kitchen round so I can set the laptop on the table and read for a while and then walk away completely. Like you, I love to read and browse far too much.


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