Thursday 11 November 2010

can I borrow that idea?

Only 45 days until Christmas! If only I could overcome my procrastinate-and-leave-it-until-the-last-minute nature!

  1. Pam at Gingerbread Snowflakes shared a clever idea for making "cheat's" mini quilts
  2. Have you seen this amazing magazine from Creature Comforts? I'm loving the stitched woodsy art piece (and wishing I could hold a printed copy in my hands)
  3. I've been trying to learn to crochet (not working so far), but keep finding awesome tutorials like this one
  4. the tension knob on my sewing machine is broken (the best bit for little fingers to play with), so I often end up with ruffles
  5. I read this post for the pin cushion idea, but loved the memory jars as well!
  6. we are just starting down the "put-mountains-of-stuff-we-never-use-into-plastic-boxes-and-never-look-at-it-again" path. Maybe this will help us before we buy any more boxes.
  7. cookies, chocolate, marshmallows, and cute packaging, too!
  8. not sure how I came across this blog, but I'm loving these hand prints - so simple, I can do them with my kids!
  9. check out these crafty links from Gingerbread Snowflakes and Calico and Co
  10. I've seen Christmas trees pieced from triangles everywhere this year, but couldn't get it to work until I saw Annie's samples
  11. the hardest part of organization is getting started, but this looks like a nifty way to tackle the problem!
  12. I've shared my Christmas planner already, and you may already use one, too - but look at those magazines in the second photo down! My magazine-and-Christmas-obsessed-self is drooling!
  13. this open letter makes sense to me - businesses are changing - we need the same in Australia
What is catching your eye today?


  1. I am totally guilty of that buying plastic boxes to put stuff in. Thanks for the link; I'll rethink it.

  2. Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog & thanks too for all the links & ideas!....oh & I can so identify with a procrastinate-&-leave-it-till-the-last-minute approach!! I try very hard not to & I am an arganised soul, but it doesn't take much to shift my priorities!!

  3. How did I manage to miss this! Thank you so much for including gingerbread Snowflakes among all these really great links! Found a couple great ideas here and a couple new blogs to add to my reader!


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