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Monday, 4 April 2011

wellness | starting over

I haven't been doing well with my move more, eat less wellness journey this year. I made it one month with a weight loss, and while I haven't put it back on, I haven't lost any more.

This face when I'm getting ready to jump on the treadmill doesn't help me stay motivated. It is easier to say "oh, well, I have to pick him up, there's always tomorrow" Restless sleeping doesn't help. Steve has said to me a couple of times in the last week "just jump on when he's having a nap", but his naps are too uncertain, he might only sleep for twenty minutes, or he might sleep for three hours.

But it's time for the excuses to stop. If I want to, I can find a reason for every single thing that I want to avoid doing (and I quite often do), but this is one area that I don't want to avoid any more. It's important for me, and it's important for my family.

So I've updated my move more, eat less journal, and I'm using it. I'm being more mindful of what I'm eating, and while it isn't perfect every time I am trying. I haven't updated my photo, but I have taken new measurements. And this time I have a goal for each month - this month it will be a 1 hour massage if I lose four kilos.


  1. Well done on getting back on with your move more eat, eat less project. I am on a weight loss journey myself and know how easy it is to make excuses - however you sound motivated this month. Good Luck.

  2. Me, too, Cate. The last two weeks of March were terrible, but I'm back on track today. I'm going to weigh in Friday and see where I am - just wanted to give myself this week before checking to see if I'v done any damage after losing 10 pounds at the end of last year. I'll be posting about it on Friday. Cheering you on from Texas.

  3. I'm also on the Move More Eat Less journey and trying very hard (though often unsuccessfully) to stay motivated and on track. The idea of a one hour massage would certainly keep me motivated though! Good luck this month!

  4. Keep positive - good luck this month!

  5. FANTASTIC!! So proud of you for sticking with it and journaling your progress. I wish I had known my journey would be so successful... I would have been better about taking picture. AWESOME journal. :)

  6. Congrats for not giving up! And I love your blog header.

  7. New habits are hard to stick to when you are so busy with life. Good for you for recommitting yourself!

  8. I am here from BFS - so just wanted to say well done you - and really good luck with this months goal - i'll be cheering you on from a very small island. J x

  9. Good for you! The trick is to not just think 'Oh well, I give up then...' but to pick yourself up and start again, as many times as necessary :-) We'll all be cheering you on! xx


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