Sunday 8 May 2011

the cranky old man in the car park

I drive a bus. Well, that's what we call it. It's an 8 seater mini-van (certainly a vehicle I never thought I would drive when I was dreaming about picket fences as a school girl), with 3 children in car seats and one in a booster seat, plus two big kids, it has become part of our lives.

Entry to the passenger area of the car is via a sliding door. So it annoys me no end when people in car parks park quite close to my car. It makes getting all the kids safely into the car, and groceries, too, quite difficult.

Whenever it happens, I'm reminded of an event that occurred when I was pregnant with Riley. Natalie and Caiden were two, and Lana was four, so they still needed help doing their seatbelts up. I had climbed into the car (as I still do), and as I was getting out, I must have bumped the trolley. Next thing I know, there's a man running over from the other side of the car park, yelling at me because my trolley had hit his new car. I smiled sweetly, turned to face him, and apologised, explaining that my belly must have bumped the trolley. He didn't say another word, and walked away. And I finished putting my groceries in the car, and went home for a cup of tea to calm my nerves. And for the rest of my pregnancy, I parked my car well away from the more populated areas of the shopping centre car park.


  1. At least you apologised. I think they need to make some more parents with prams parking (and make them bigger) but then you have the twits that use them....

  2. Good for you - hope he felt bad!!!

    I always feel sorry for the people who have no room for their wheelchair access at the back thanks to thoughtless parking. At least most of the supermarkets and car parks now have extra wide "mother & toddler" slots in the UK now, though you'd be amazed how old some of the "toddlers" are :P

  3. We have lots of mom and tots parking here and they are well used. It especially annoys me when people park crooked so they take up two stalls!

  4. As a non-driver I cannot really comment about parking! However well done for keeping your cool, especially when pregnant - I'm sure I would have had an emotional meltdown as did not cope too well when with child.


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