Wednesday 18 May 2011

I forgot my mantra

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When Chloe's father and I split up I spent a lot of time reading self-help books and watching Oprah. I steered clear of John Gray's "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" (because it had a place in my parents failed marriage), but purchased "How to get what you want, and want what you have." I collected quotes out of the book that resonated with me, and quotes from Oprah's shows as well. And still today I can be heard saying "if it's important, you'll find a way to make it happen"

But I forgot to remind myself. I have become the queen of excuses, here on my blog and in my life. I don't like the me I have become, I feel like I am always whining about stuff, (even when I'm not), but I'm not sure how to shake myself out of this funk that my life has become. 

I realised yesterday I don't have a diary this year. I think it's the first time in about ten years I haven't had a diary - even in recent years I kept one, just for writing appointments, jotting notes I didn't want to forget. It has always worked in well with the family calendar in the kitchen. I think I need to go and buy a diary today.

Do you have a mantra (or quote) that guides you?


  1. I love that quote, thanks for sharing it. Mine at this point in my life is..."Even the small choices matter so much; each one leads us closer to either failure or empowerment. Drawing on God's strength in our weakness, we exchange every compromise for a promise." Lysa Terkeurst

  2. I hear you and feel your pain, my life too has been lacking 'oomph'. I today have shared a quote on my weight loss blog that says 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' Hope things pick up for you, honey. xx

  3. Whatever life throws at you, don't let it REDUCE you.

    I read that somewhere and it was the word "reduce" which seemed so powerful to me.

    Don't be too hard on yourself Cate x

  4. Hang in there Cate. I always remind myself of Jeremiah 29:11 - that God knows the plans He has for me, to give me a future and a hope! It really sustained us this last year while Robbie was unemployed. I also love this quote on a pillow that a friend picked out for me - I'm not Bossy, I just have better ideas. (this is the one I use as an excuse for my overzelousness at times, I think LOL).

  5. My mantra - Get on with IT Already ;) gives me the boot up the bum I need a LOT haha gosh I was just having this in-my-head discussion with myself the other day in terms of always whining about things, I am not hard done by, my mindset needs to change!!


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