Monday 4 July 2011

fancy pants beach bum

I went to my local scrapbook shop a couple of weeks ago to book my every-other-monthly crop night, and they asked me to make some product sample layouts! I was pretty excited, but also pretty apprehensive, because my style is so basic. The Fancy Pants Beach Bum range is an awesome boy range with a beach theme, which gave me my first headache.

I know you'll find it strange - after all, I live in Australia, and everyone surfs here, and kangaroos roam the main street - but I don't do beaches. Maybe, when I was a kid, I lived on the beach for our two-week-annual-beach-holiday, but moving to Queensland tamed me of that idea. Queensland is full of mud flats*, and stingers**, and working in paradise means you stop seeing paradise*** eventually.

So we had to go to the beach and take some photos. It wasn't until we got there that I realised that while we often play at the playground beside the beach, I don't usually let the kids play on the sand, so it was Riley's first walk on sand.

It wasn't until I dropped the layouts off that I realised I had created an 8.5x11 layout, when all the samples in store are 12x12. So I'm hoping that someone likes my layouts, and that they ask me to create something again.

* Queensland isn't all mud flats, just the bits where I live
** Marine stingers aren't much fun
*** Maybe it was my experience of paradise, but I don't even like to go back and visit my sister there.


  1. How lovely to have been asked to create some LOs....they're great!
    Alison xx

  2. You never know, you might start a whole new interest in the smaller size at your local shop

  3. Oh what a great summer feel these layouts have - I bet they request you do more!


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