Friday 19 August 2011

5 {recipes I've pinned} on friday

Sometimes, checking out pinterest is bad for any sort of mindful eating efforts.

peach and cinnamon cobbler.
you had me at cinnamon.
and peach.
and I guess cause it's baked in the oven that it will need icecream to serve.
and maybe some whipped cream (cause we have some in a can in the fridge)

Source: via Cate on Pinterest

chai spice cake.
I love the smell of chai. 
In fact, I like to throw some leaves in a pot of water and simmer for hours.
but chai tea is terrible. and adding milk makes it worse!
but those spices in a cake?
sign me up!

cheddar bacon ranch pull aparts.
also known as crack bread.
I did not name it crack bread, someone else did.
but cheddar and bacon?
I'll be there!

Source: via Cate on Pinterest

cinnabun pancakes.
which I think has something to do with cinnamon buns.
and pancakes.
we're just starting to love pancakes for sunday morning breakfast.
maybe next sunday, we'll have these.

brown sugar and balsamic glazed pork loin.
done in the slow cooker (crock pot)
I have cooked this.
I think the recipe has too much water in it, so I don't add as much.
cause I've never really liked slow cooker cooking, cause I don't like wet food.
but the glaze alone is worth making.
the second time I made this, I made extra, and ate it by the spoonful when no one was looking.
this would also be awesome shredded and eaten on bread rolls.
we're going to do that next time.

Have you cooked any of the recipes you've pinned?


  1. ohmygosh!!! what is this???!!! All the things I need to eat before I return to healthy eating on Monday???!!! lol sooo much goodness!

  2. Love it all, except for the cheese and bacon one....can you guess I have a 'sweet tooth'!?
    Alison xx

  3. I like 4 out of 5 too - the sweets of course, and I'm a pork/bacon girl too!


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