Wednesday 17 August 2011

wellness | coke or pepsi?

I know, it doesn't make sense, does it? Cause we all know how much sugar is in Coke, so how does that contribute to my wellness?

Eight weeks ago I decided to stop drinking coke. I haven't been on my treadmill, or made any changes to my terrible eating habits, so I thought that this would be something tangible that I could do to jump start my wellness journey again.

It took me four weeks to actually google pepsi max and discover that my belief that it didn't contain sugar was correct - but it contains lots of other yucky stuff. But I kept drinking it.

When I stopped drinking coke, a friend asked how the headaches were - I didn't get any (which surprised me), but I've been suffering with them since I started drinking pepsi max. I'd have a glass of pepsi with lunch, feel a headache staring and increase my water intake, have another glass after tea and crawl into bed every night with a headache.

On top of gastro over the weekend, my headache was migraine-level, and that's when a friend on facebook said she had the same problem when she used to drink pepsi max. That was enough for me to say "stop", and I haven't had any since, and there's been no headaches. (I've had one glass of coke, but my fragile tummy didn't enjoy it at all.)

So, coke has been good for my wellness. Next step - use that treadmill!

What changes have you made for your wellness that backfired?

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