Friday 12 August 2011

5 {things to sew} on friday

I've been without a sewing machine for nearly a year now. Well, I still have my machine, but the little helping four-year-old and almost-two-year-old hands have fiddled with the tension knob until it is all out-of-sorts. This has left me collecting ideas and pinning them, and dreaming of the day when I would bring home a new machine.

Yesterday was finally that day, and I got to bring home my first-ever Janome DC2101. I'm told by sewing enthusiasts that once I've tried a Janome, I'll never go back. I'm skeptical, but excited about getting on with some sewing projects!

First up will be this sewing machine pin cushion, because it makes total sense to me. I often sit my pin cushion on the arm, or just behind on the table, because it feels most natural there.

Another completely-makes-sense-to-me idea. I would even tuck all the excess lead inside the pocket to remove the unsightly cord mess!

Source: via Cate on Pinterest

Natalie is just starting to wear "twirly skirts", and is happy for me to make some for her. Some new fabric arrived today, which she loved the look of, so we might spend some time this weekend going through my stash and seeing what she likes best.

I first bookmarked this when I was pregnant with Riley two years ago. And I have printed out the instructions using Print Friendly. And now I have a new sewing machine I'm all out of excuses.

Source: via Cate on Pinterest

This fella has also been printed out and socks purchased. I even know a couple of little boys on the other side of the country who would appreciate it. But I need to shop for a different foot and ball needles, whatever they are. I'm having fun learning!

Do you sew? Do you have any projects on the go at the moment?


  1. Lots of lovely projects there. My sewing machine has a pin cushion built in to the flap down tray, so I've never needed one of those. Why not make the pincushion to go on your wrist instead - then it gets used away from the m/c too.
    Ball needles have a rounded end rather than a sharp point so that the needles slips between threads rather than splitting them. I wasn't aware that you needed a different foot, but there is a special stitch for sewing jersey which allows the seam to stretch - check the manual.
    Good luck and I'll be popping my head round th epurple door to see what you create.

  2. I'm still sewing the felt circus I started ages ago. I'll probably pick it up again once the evenings start to draw in here

  3. That's great Cate, looking forward to seeing your creations. Xx

  4. Am not a sewer but love looking at other people's projects!
    Alison xx

  5. A new machine - how exciting for you! I don't sew, but I'll be watching to see what creations you make.


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